With our Guaranteed Rent Scheme, you get paid, all year round.

  • Flexible leasing for 1-5 years with 0% commission.
  • 3 months’ rent in advance.
  • Private, vetted tenants only. 


Wentworth’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme is a favourite amongst London landlords and investors because we are reliable and committed while providing hassle-free renting, no void periods and consistent rental income, on time, every time. 


Our clients work with Wentworth year after year because our mission is to deliver guaranteed property services that exceed expectations, ensuring hassle-free renting, exceptional maintenance standards and guaranteed return on investment.

  • 3 months of rent at optimal rate paid in advance
  • Free service for landlords, developers and investors
  • Fixed income for 1-5 years
  • No void periods, whether tenanted or not
  • Professional tenants & property matching
  • No long waits, once agreed, you start getting paid
  • Optimum rent rates and good return on investment
  • Property maintenance 24/7, we manage everything
  • Returned property in excellent conditions
  • Guaranteed rental payment on time, every time


Also known as Rent-to-Rent, this scheme provides London landlords with a steady stream of income while eliminating the traditional hassles associated with property management. 


The crux of Guaranteed Rent lies in the agent leasing the property from the landlord for a predetermined term. The agent becomes responsible for securing sub-tenants, property upkeep, and guaranteed rental payments, irrespective of void periods. 


The main differentiator is that Guaranteed Rent Schemes eliminate the uncertainty associated with void periods. Regardless of occupancy status landlords receive their pre-agreed rent, providing financial predictability and reducing the risk of arrears. Plus no property management quarrels, the agent takes care of everything.

  • Unwavering rental income & consistent cash flow
  • Void periods, a thing of the past
  • Comprehensive property management
  • Compliance support & risk mitigation
  • Professional tenants & property matching


Guaranteed Rent vs. Traditional Property Management
Guaranteed Rent vs. Traditional Property Management

* For exemplification only, may not reflect your real costs. 



For those entering the real estate market for the first time, Wentworth London Rent Guarantee can help you. Whether you are:

  • Relocating abroad
  • Inheriting a property
  • Investing in buy-to-let for the first time or
  • Just starting as a landlord.

We can take the compliance and 24/7 property management stress away and guarantee rental income. With our rent guarantee scheme, you can achieve peace of mind.


Seasoned London landlords and investors owning small and large property portfolios also find value in the services offered by Wentworth’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme. We can:


  • Free up your time to rest or grow your portfolio
  • Provide expertise in the London market
  • Advise on compliance and property legislation
  • Manage your assets fully & expertly 24/7 
  • Ensure a predictable cash flow from guaranteed rental income.

Let us manage your portfolio, providing a hassle-free experience and a consistent income stream.


In today’s market where demand is larger than supply, more rentals are a welcome addition to London.


So developers that are either struggling to sell or Build-to-Rent developers can now easily partner with Wentworth Properties, London’s best Guaranteed Rent provider


We offer customised Guaranteed Rent services, with private & vetted tenants, where irrespective of voids, developers receive their return on investment.  


We have long-standing partnerships with HMO owners across London providing HMO Guaranteed Rent Schemes with:

  • Compliance & HMO legislation support
  • End-to-end professional property management
  • Guaranteed rental income irrespective of void periods or rental arrears. 



A pivotal feature of our London Guaranteed Rent Scheme is the meticulous process of private & vetted tenant matching and our lack of reliance on partnerships with local councils, mitigating the risks associated with rental properties upkeep.


Under the Guaranteed Rent Scheme in London, our partners can enjoy the benefits of consistent rental income, without the stress of traditional property management. We take care of the entire process and own the risk of void periods or arrears. 


We understand the importance of maintaining the value and appeal of your property. We adhere to exceptional 24/7 maintenance standards, ensuring that our properties are returned in the same or even an improved condition.


Guaranteed rent, guaranteed Insurance, rental income protection... which one is which? No wonder you are confused about what brings the most value to you and protects your property portfolio.

Learn what to pay attention to by spotting false promises and deciding what's right for you, straight from the experts.

See what's inside the guidebook:


Wentworth Properties extends its guaranteed property services across key areas in London, ensuring that our reliable Guaranteed Rent Scheme is accessible to landlords, investors and developers in strategic locations. From South East London to Central London, North London to East and West London, including areas such as Rainham, Teddington, Hampstead, and more, our coverage spans a wide geographical footprint. Landlords in locations with specific needs like Blackheath, Canary Wharf, Edgware, and Greenwich, among others, can benefit from our tailored solutions and experience the advantages of hassle-free renting and guaranteed returns.


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A Guaranteed Rent Scheme (sometimes also known as Rent-to-Rent) entails a contractual agreement between a landlord and a company, an institution, a letting agent, or an individual. For a specified term, the landlord agrees to relinquish their control and management over their property (with conditions & clauses for opt-out) in exchange for a guaranteed rent, monthly.

Thus, that company / institution / letting agent or individual rents the property from you, the landlord, and then sub-lets it to tenants while managing the full process. The tenants have no direct relationship with the landlord, and everything is handled by the ‘main tenant’. It alleviates some of the overwhelming set of responsibilities a landlord has and works very well for:

  • New landlords with little or no experience.
  • Landlords that are far from their investments.
  • Investors that own several properties, estates, or HMOs where management can become overwhelming.
  • Build-to-Rent Developers who are interested in mitigating void periods & compliance risks. 

Find out more about what are Guaranteed Rent Schemes.

During the term of the lease, an agent can agree to be responsible for the end-to-end process when it comes to property management. From maintenance, and compliance, to complementary services such as interior design and redecoration. Here are the top 3 benefits, Guaranteed Rent Schemes provide:


  • Guaranteed rent tenanted or not: Based on your contract your rental income is guaranteed regardless of whether there are tenants in the property or not, and whether they have paid their rent or not.
  • Regular, stable, cash flow: This ensures regular, predictable cash flow that can be re-invested, and less risk of dealing with arrears, especially in today’s economy where tenant affordability is low.
  • Long-term security: If you want long-term security, you can negotiate longer-term contractual agreements.

Find out the rest of the advantages but also the disadvantages of a programme that offers Guaranteed Rent.

Also known as Guarantee Rent or Rent-to-Rent, here are 5 high-level steps of how rental guarantees generally work in the UK:


  1. Agent evaluates the property at its current market value.
  2. Landlord and agent negotiate the guaranteed monthly rent and term.
  3. Landlord temporarily relinquishes control over the property under a contract, in return for consistent income.
  4. Pre-agreed monthly rent will come in advance, whether the property is tenanted or vacant.
  5. Landlord is hands-off in the lettings process and has their property returned to them in the same or improved condition at the end of the term.

Find out what Wentworth’s Rent Guarantee provides.

This term often implies insurance, which is different from Guaranteed Rent or Rental Income Protection. We know…it’s a lot.

A landlord can take rent guarantee insurance to cover their rental income if tenants cannot pay their rent. Even the most reliable tenants can experience financial difficulties which can result in arrears.


As well as covering rent for the term, a policy could also cover legal expenses and a pre-agreed cover for any disputes related to the recovery of rent arrears, repossession or eviction, and access to legal advice.


A Guaranteed Rent Scheme, however, entails a contractual agreement between a landlord and the main tenant (which could be a company, an institution, a letting agent, or an individual). For a specified term, the landlord agrees to relinquish their control and management over their property (with conditions & clauses for opt-out) in exchange for a guaranteed monthly rental income. The main tenant then rents the property out either room by room or using their expertise to find a profit, while managing it fully.

If you want to understand the difference a bit better and how each can help you find out if you need rental guarantee insurance here.

Wentworth’s approach is to cater to expert upkeep while maintaining or even increasing the value of the property. Hence our Guaranteed Rent Scheme isn’t reliant on local council partnerships. Moreover we exclusively seek private and vetted tenants for our properties.

Our schemes are marked by flexibility, and a commitment to the financial stability of landlords. We have a zero-commission policy, flexible leasing options, and upfront three-month rent payments at an optimal market rate.

Wentworth’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme involves a strategic partnership between landlords, investors and developers and our company, hence providing a unique approach to rental income. With a contractual agreement, our partners enjoy a steady guaranteed income stream while relinquishing property management, ensuring financial stability and predictable cash flow in today’s  dynamic property market.

Contrasting with conventional renting models, the Guaranteed Rent Scheme eliminates the uncertainty associated with void periods. Regardless of tenancy status, landlords receive their pre-agreed rent, providing financial predictability and reducing the risk of arrears.

Under the Guaranteed Rent Scheme, our partners receive guaranteed rental income on time, every time, for the entire duration of the lease at the pre-agreed fixed rate. This aims to ensure predictable cash flow and financial security whether the property is tenanted or vacant. This approach mitigates risks associated with traditional renting, while Wentworth takes and mitigates all the risk. 

They mostly are, but not with us! Wentworth aims for a harmonious long-lasting relationship with its partners by prioritising the upkeep and value of their portfolio. Hence our Guaranteed Rent Schemes are not based on partnerships with local councils but we focus on professional & private tenant matching. Our stringent criteria guarantee vetted occupants, enhancing the overall experience and mitigating risks associated with maintaining rental properties.

Absolutely. Whether you own one property or manage an extensive portfolio, Wentworth’s scheme is designed to take all the risk, free up your time while ensuring a guaranteed rental income. Our comprehensive approach to property management caters to seasoned landlords/investors allowing you, to focus on expanding their property portfolio.

Certainly, our Guaranteed Rent Scheme assures hassle-free and lucrative property ownership experiences for those entering the real estate market for the first time. Whether you’re relocating abroad, investing in buy-to-let, or inheriting a property, our scheme takes the stress out.

Central to our commitment is providing landlords & investors with a hassle-free renting experience. Under the Guaranteed Rent Scheme, our partners enjoy consistent rental income without the burden of day-to-day property management. Wentworth takes all the risk, while providing expert 24/7 property management & upkeep, allowing landlords to enjoy returns stress-free.

Wentworth extends its guaranteed property services across key areas in London, including in South East London, Central London, North London, East and West London. We are the biggest Guaranteed Rent provider in locations such as Rainham, Teddington, Hampstead, and more. Our coverage ensures accessibility to landlords across London.

In today’s economy, where rates are high and tenant affordability is low, the Guaranteed Rent Scheme ensures regular, predictable cash flow. This benefit minimises the risk of dealing with arrears, providing landlords with a stable income stream that can cover the interest rates. 


I have been working with Shakil for over 5 years and I am continuously pleased by their professionalism and reliability. I have a Guaranteed Rent agreement with Wentworth and I have been receiving my agreed rent on time every month since. I regularly inspect my property and it’s always in excellent condition. Definitely recommend.

Mr. C Gordon – Stratford
April 5, 2023

Thank you so much Shakil, for managing my properties with so much care. I do not stress about my tenants or the state of the property at all, knowing it’s in your hands. Thank you for your promptness and commitment.

Ms. Rebecca Bagwell – Forest Hill & Highgate
April 5, 2023

I’ve let a flat in Canada Water and they’re managing fully while I’m out of the country. My contact there is Shakil. He has been super friendly, keeps me posted regularly and I’m happy with the service so far.

Miss Anita Talamillo – Bermondsey
April 5, 2023

I have been searching for an estates agency I can truly partner with throughout my decades of experience as a landlord. I can’t recommend Wentworth highly enough as the team have been incredibly professional, unbiased, supportive and always going the extra mile. No matter my ask they have delivered.

Mr. Simon P. Munro – West London
April 5, 2023

My sincere thanks to the team at Wentworth. I’ve been given unbiased professional and thoughtful advice during Covid. They took the time to share their knowledge to help me as a landlord during a challenging period, even if it didn’t make them money. Great help and support.

Ms. Gina Doherty – Dagenham
April 5, 2023


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