We tailor our services to you and aim to deliver complete peace of mind. Enjoy Guaranteed Rent, high-standard Property Management, HMO Management and more. We do the work, you see the results.



Guaranteed Rent, for 1-5 Years.

There’s no catch. You get paid, even when the property is empty, with 0% commission.


Property Management & No Stress.
We manage everything, 24h a day, from repairs to bills. Properties are returned in original or better conditions.


We Take No Risks & We Are Always Ready.
Anti-Money Laundering, Energy Performance Certificates, Licensing, Gas Safety Certificates, PAT & EICR and more.


A favourite amongst landlords and investors as it means hassle-free renting, independently of the property size or requirements. Our clients work with Wentworth year after year because we provide exceptional maintenance standard and guaranteed return on investment.

  • 3 months of rent at optimal rate paid in advance
  • Absolutely free service for landlords and investors
  • Fixed income for 1-5 years
  • No void periods, whether tenanted or not
  • Professional tenants & property matching
  • No long waits, once agreed, you start getting paid
  • Optimum rent rates and good return on investment
  • Property maintenance 24/7, we manage everything
  • Returned building in an excellent condition
  • Guaranteed annual rental payment on time, every time


Wentworth offers the highest standards of service. This service is ideal for any landlord that is; short on time, likes things done at a high standard, is not located anywhere near the property or is inexperienced.

We will deal with the end-to-end process and you don’t have to stress about a thing.


We offer end-to-end comprehensive property management services. If you don’t want a comprehensive service, we are more than flexible to accommodate and help only in the areas you feel you absolutely need the help.



Being a landlord can be stressful and time consuming but managing HMOs is a completely different story. We have the expertise, the contacts, and the knowledge in managing high-income generating HMOs.


Letting a single occupancy property has certain regulations but if you’re planning to start managing and letting HMOs there are additional rules that you should abide by. Depending on the number of tenants, the relationship between the tenants and the size & location of the property will need additional licensing. But don’t worry we can help manage the process for you.









Why deal with the enquiries, the calendars, the bookings, the accompanied viewings, the tenant referencing etc. when we can do that for you? We’ll save you time and we’ll work to find tenants that match your requirements perfectly.


If you need help in making your property sellable just get in touch. We can help you with interior decorations, furniture or refurbishing your property to make the best impact on the market, get the best rates and find tenants quickly.


We have been working in areas around the Thames and Canary Wharf for over 10 years and we have specialised on market trends around waterfront assets and letting homes along the river.


If you’re keen to keep your property tenanted for as long as possible we work closely with you to find tenants that match your requirements and ensure they will stay at the property during the length of the contractual agreement.


It can be a gap-year, a work placement, travelling, business meetings, bridging the gap between buying and selling, we have expertise on the best way to let a short-let property quickly and how to manage it between tenants.


We have specialist experience in managing luxury service apartments, offering the highest standard in property management and tenant matching to ensure your property provides return and stays in excellent condition.

property COMPLIANCE support

We stay on top of the current property legislation and help you when it changes. We are not legal professionals, but we can make you aware of property related regulations you need to be aware of. 


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I have been working with Shakil for over 5 years and I am continuously pleased by their professionalism and reliability. I have a Guaranteed Rent agreement with Wentworth and I have been receiving my agreed rent on time every month since. I regularly inspect my property and it’s always in excellent condition. Definitely recommend.

Mr. C Gordon – Stratford
April 5, 2023

Thank you so much Shakil, for managing my properties with so much care. I do not stress about my tenants or the state of the property at all, knowing it’s in your hands. Thank you for your promptness and commitment.

Ms. Rebecca Bagwell – Forest Hill & Highgate
April 5, 2023

I’ve let a flat in Canada Water and they’re managing fully while I’m out of the country. My contact there is Shakil. He has been super friendly, keeps me posted regularly and I’m happy with the service so far.

Miss Anita Talamillo – Bermondsey
April 5, 2023

I have been searching for an estates agency I can truly partner with throughout my decades of experience as a landlord. I can’t recommend Wentworth highly enough as the team have been incredibly professional, unbiased, supportive and always going the extra mile. No matter my ask they have delivered.

Mr. Simon P. Munro – West London
April 5, 2023

My sincere thanks to the team at Wentworth. I’ve been given unbiased professional and thoughtful advice during Covid. They took the time to share their knowledge to help me as a landlord during a challenging period, even if it didn’t make them money. Great help and support.

Ms. Gina Doherty – Dagenham
April 5, 2023


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A Guaranteed Rent Scheme (sometimes also known as Rent-to-Rent) entails a contractual agreement between a landlord and a company, an institution, a letting agent, or an individual. For a specified term, the landlord agrees to relinquish their control and management over their property (with conditions & clauses for opt-out) in exchange for a guaranteed rent, monthly.

Thus, that company / institution / letting agent or individual rents the property from you, the landlord, and then sub-lets it to tenants while managing the full process. The tenants have no direct relationship with the landlord, and everything is handled by the ‘main tenant’. It alleviates some of the overwhelming set of responsibilities a landlord has and works very well for:

  • New landlords with little or no experience.
  • Landlords that are far from their investments.
  • Or investors that own several properties, estates, or HMOs where management can become overwhelming.

Find out more about what are Guaranteed Rent Schemes.

During the term of the lease, an agent can agree to be responsible for the end-to-end process when it comes to property management. From maintenance, and compliance, to complementary services such as interior design and redecoration. Here are the top 3 benefits, Guaranteed Rent Schemes provide:


  • Guaranteed rent tenanted or not: Based on your contract your rental income is guaranteed regardless of whether there are tenants in the property or not, and whether they have paid their rent or not.
  • Regular, stable, cash flow: This ensures regular, predictable cash flow that can be re-invested, and less risk of dealing with arrears, especially in today’s economy where tenant affordability is low.
  • Long-term security: If you want long-term security, you can negotiate longer-term contractual agreements.

Find out the rest of the advantages but also the disadvantages of a programme that offers Guaranteed Rent.

It all depends on what type of involvement you want to have, and what expertise you might need.

First of all you need to consider expertise; both in the field of property management but also in the area. For example if you’re a landlord with property in London, the market is unique and very fast-paced so it’s recommended you choose a property management agent in London. Also consider the type of property you own. For example new developments or waterside properties require bespoke care so experience and expertise is important.

Second of all, no matter how hands off or how involved you want to be, communication is key. You want your agent to keep you up-to-date with the wellbeing of your asset. It’s an investment nonetheless and you can test that in the early stages of communication.

Last but not least, ensure their commission or fee structure is reasonable and competitive, to ensure you stay profitable.

To find out more about what those fees or commissions would look like for property management, head to this blog: How much do agents charge to manage my property?

Managing a property portfolio or an HMO inherently requires some management expertise otherwise it can become very stressful. The aim of having support is to make your life easier while letting you focus on the growth of your portfolio or investing your effort into creating other streams of income.

The ownership, letting and management of a property doesn’t come easy. The tasks are never-ending, and the process requires 24/7 management: viewings, rent negotiations, tenant referencing, agreements, inventories, emergency repairs, refurbishments, rent collection, debt management, taxes, and safety regulations…to name a few. Some landlords see rental management as a blessing and are grateful for the minimal involvement, whereas others see the lack of control as a problem.

The cost of the service is what makes landlords question if they can pull off self-management. Your perception of value for money is what makes it worth it. There are of course also financial benefits to property support such as rent collection and rent protection. This can provide you with financial security and peace of mind.

Find out what services Wentworth can provide in our Property Management for Landlords package.



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