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How Wentworth’s Guaranteed Rent Pays off Homes while Landlords are Travelling the World.

Wentworth's Guaranteed Rent: Home Earnings While Abroad


Mellisa & Owen Bird
Married Landlords with Two Properties in North London


Mellisa and Owen are a couple from North London that have embarked on a journey full of culture, adventure, and joy: travelling around the world. 

While living in London, each owned their own home for over 5 years. After they married, they moved into Owen’s house while Mellisa kept her property and rented it to pay for the mortgage. The Birds self-managed the property while both working full-time.

Read more about their story on how they managed to keep their properties in great shape and pay them off at no cost to them while travelling around the world.

How have you started working with Wentworth?

Before we started a family Owen and I decided we wanted to see the world. We wanted to keep our homes and we knew we wanted a small agency with experience and expertise in the North London market. We wanted to feel like our homes are taken care of and maintained while we were away. Wentworth came as a recommendation from our electrician. He mentioned he collaborates with Wentworth regularly; the properties are always well maintained, and the agency’s standards are high.

Getting in touch we noticed it was a perfect fit. Another requirement of ours was a close consistent relationship that would ease our minds while we were abroad. Often real estate agencies suffer from a high employee turnover so someone with a stake in the business, like Shakil, sounded like the right choice.

What SERVICE & VALUE IS Wentworth providing TO you?

The Guaranteed Rent Scheme sounded perfect for us. Our savings and freelance income were entirely directed towards our travels. We didn’t want to risk not being able to pay our mortgages if the properties were untenanted, so Wentworth rented the property from us and that guaranteed a stable stream of income every month that pay off our homes.

Under Guaranteed Rent we have included premium property management, so during our annual trip back to the UK, we always find our homes in excellent condition. Wentworth rent out the properties, maintain them and ensure compliance and with their expertise they make sure they turn a profit at no cost to us. We travel, and our homes pay for themselves.

Would you recommend Wentworth or a Guaranteed Rent Scheme?

Yes, Wentworth’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme is very reliable, but it very much depends on your circumstances. We just wanted our investments to be safe, taken care of, and to not worry about them financially. There is a consistent stream of income and Shakil and the Wentworth team keep us updated and stay in close contact, so we have peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

We absolutely recommend Wentworth, irrespective of the service. We’ve been away for 3 years now, living our best life. For our permanent return to London, we are looking to expand our family and buy a bigger property, so the team is keeping us updated on how the market is doing and they’re not too busy to give us advice. We trust their expertise as it never failed us in the past.

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