Frequently asked questions about your tenancy with Wentworth. Have more?
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  • Deposit for a long let tenancy: Equivalent to five weeks’ rent
  • Deposit for a short let tenancy: £700 or equivalent to one week’s rent (whichever is greater)
  • Advance Rent: 1 month

Landlord Fees

  • Let-Only: 3 weeks rent
  • Full Management: 10% rent
  • Rent Collection: 5% rent

Selling Fees

  • Sole Agency: 1.5%
  • Multi Agency: 2%

Other Fees

  • Contract Administration: £50
  • Late Rent 14 Days Overdue: 3% above Bank of England base rate
  • Default fee for lost keys or other respective security devices: Actual cost of replacement

Scale of Fees for Short Term Lettings (initial term of less than six months)

  • Fees for period of initial tenancy agreement – £225
  • Additional yearly inspections: £100
Wentworth Support for Tenants


What references do I need?

For a long let we will need details of your previous landlord or estate agents, bank, employee and/or character references to demonstrate proof of income. For a short-let proof of address, proof of ‘Right to Rent’ and original ID.

What is Right to Rent?

Based on the 2014 Immigration Act new restrictions are enforced on illegal immigrants by removing access to rented accommodation in England. Before an adult is provided tenancy, they need to go through a Right to Rent check.


Wentworth Support for Tenants


What do I need to know about bills and utility companies?

If bills are not included in your rental agreement, we will take notes of meter readings at the start of your tenancy, you will be responsible with transferring or setting up accounts under your name as soon as you move in. At the end of your tenancy, you will also be responsible with contacting the utility companies to remove your name from the property and passing over last meter readings.

How do I pay rent?

Depending on your rental agreement, rent is usually paid monthly by setting up a direct debit with your bank. For short-lets full payment is required prior to you moving in.

What happens if I’m late with rent payments?

We usually recommend being upfront and discussing any financial issues you face as soon as possible with your agent. Bear in mind, based on your contract, late fees might incur, and letters will be issued.

Who do I speak with if I need support?

Once your tenancy starts you should be given a main point of contact to reach out to for support, issues with your tenancy, or any maintenance required at the property.

What happens if I want to break my lease agreement early?

The main thing to remember is that you are responsible for rent until the end of the contract or its break clause point. If the landlord agrees to re-market the property and once a new tenant is found, then your liability will be reduced to covering the landlord’s commission and any other expenses from when the property is re-let.

Wentworth Support for Tenants


What does the end of tenancy process look like?

There will be a check-in inventory you need to go through to ensure everything is left as you found it. You will also need to arrange a professional cleaning service based on Wentworth standards and ensure you remove yourself from any utility bills. Once we go through the check-out process, we communicate with you the status of your deposit.

Can Wentworth arrange the cleaning for me?

Yes, we can. Just get in touch and we can book your end of tenancy clean.

My utility provider wants a new bill payer.

Just give them the name of the landlord as stated on your contract.

Can I leave unwanted furniture in the property?

No. Please leave the property as noted in the inventory check in. You will be charged for removal costs for unwanted items.

When will I be received my deposit back?

Your landlord has up to 10 days after the end of your contract to review the property and decide if deductions from your deposit are necessary. Once agreed your deposit will be sent back to you by bank transfer and this can take up to 3-5 working days to clear into your account.