Working with investment portfolios and increasing the income and value of your licensed HMOs for the past decade.


Being a landlord can be stressful and time consuming but managing HMOs is a completely different story. We have the expertise, the contacts, and the knowledge in managing high-income generating HMOs.

Letting a single occupancy property has certain regulations but if you’re planning to start managing and letting HMOs there are additional rules that you should abide by. Depending on the number of tenants, the relationship between the tenants and the size & location of the property will need additional licensing. But don’t worry we can help manage the process for you.


We will complete a free appraisal on the property you own or plan to buy. Wentworth can help you build the business plan by calculating the maximum income you can generate. We will turn your property into an HMOs and manage it under a Guaranteed Rent Scheme.

If you decide to work with Wentworth, we will be able to guarantee you a steady income, even though the whole property, or some of the rooms are untenanted. You get paid, all year round, no catch.


Similarly, to any property package we offer, they can be as comprehensive or as bespoke as you need them to be. We believe in building strong relationships with you and be able to realise your vision to the extent you need us to.

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You might start with one property, or you might already have a portfolio. Based on the expertise we have gained over the decade, market trends, data and analysis we can help you manage or build a portfolio of HMOs, calculate potential income and profit margins and even manage them for you.