Why hire a Professional Property Letting Specialist?

Here at Wentworth Properties, we believe in helping you manage your letting responsibilities with accountability. That is why we offer our experienced letting agents to run the scene for you.
The aim is to save landlords a lot of hassle. The mere execution of letting a property entails a significant number of complex tasks. Since the property market in London moves quickly, getting a specialised letting agent by your side can do wonders.

With our expertise in working alongside seasoned landlords, we’ve helped several of our clients get the deserved return on investment. Through that experience, in today’s blog we’ll take you through the benefits of hiring a professional property letting specialist.

Why hire a professional property letting specialist?

Letting your property requires you to deliver maintenance with high service standards as expected by your tenant. Therefore, hiring an agent is your best option to ensure that you’re not losing tenants to competition unnecessarily and that you can keep up with all the demands that come with managing a property without stress.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a professional property letting specialist.

  • Guaranteed rent for a period of up to five years
    You have the option to onboard a guaranteed rent scheme, where you get paid the rent for a period of one to five years even when the property is empty, with 0% commission.
  • Property management and your peace of mind
    A property letting specialist will manage everything for you, 24 hours a day. For example, Wentworth property managers will look after the repairs and maintain the bills. In the end, after the tenant leaves, the property will be returned to you in its original or even better condition.
  • Make your life easier
    You don’t have to deal with viewings or enquiries. You don’t have to encounter void periods. A letting specialist will ensure you receive the best possible rent to achieve a return on your portfolio.
  • Higher payback than private property to let
    Letting specialists know the market inside and out. Your property will be priced competitively by agents. While you can do your research, an agent has the necessary tools required to give you the best price for your property.
  • Stay on track with new legislation updates
    It’s hard to stay on track with the latest law changes and be on par with taxation and compliance regulations. For example, we create packages for landlords by dealing with property letting in alignment with property management services.
  • Tenant evaluation is done on your behalf
    It will save you a massive amount of time in dealing with the enquiries, the calendars, the bookings, the accompanied viewings, and tenant referencing.
  • Get your interiors refurbished
    If you’re looking at making your property marketable, letting specialists know exactly what tenants are looking for and can help you with furniture and refurbishing your property, including decorating your interiors. With this service, you can make the best impact on the market, win the best rates, and find suitable tenants drawn to your property.
  • You can let homes by the river
    For tenants who love some peace and quiet, we’ve worked in areas around Thames and Canary Wharf for over a decade. There are specialists in the market trends around waterfront assets and letting riverside properties, and we are one of them!
  • Letting a luxury apartment
    Similarly to by-the-river lettings, luxury apartments also require specialist experience. At Wentworth we have specialist agents who can manage luxury service apartments and ensure that the property stays in its premium condition to attract suitable tenants.

We’ve got more benefits waiting for our next landlord. Get in touch with us to know more about how letting your property with Wentworth would be the best decision you’ve ever made.