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From Void Periods to Guaranteed Income: Find Guaranteed Rent in Canary Wharf

As the impact of the pandemic continues to linger, the rental property market in the UK’s major cities faces challenges. Reduced demand for rentals, job losses, and financial insecurity have created a sense of unease among landlords. Concerns about lengthy voids and rental arrears are driving a surge of interest in Best Guaranteed Rent Scheme. These schemes, offered by various providers, promise a regular, Guaranteed Rent in Canary Wharf and eliminate the risks of voids, arrears, and evictions.

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How do these schemes operate?

In a rent-to-rent arrangement, or Guaranteed Rental Scheme, the intermediary tenant signs a contract guaranteeing to pay a set monthly income to the landlords in exchange for assuming full control of the property and its management. The intermediary tenant will market the property to find renters, handle all tenancy administration, manage any property maintenance, ensure that the property complies with all relevant legal requirements, and handle legal proceedings in the event that the renters living in the property need to be evicted.

The intermediary tenant agrees on a guaranteed monthly rent with the landlord that is below market value for the property. The success of their enterprise then depends on their ability to achieve a high enough rental income from the property to cover expenses and generate a profit. This is often only achievable by converting a multi-bedroom property into a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and earning a higher yield by renting out several single rooms to multiple unrelated tenants with individual contracts.

Benefits of Having a Scheme for Guaranteed Rent in Canary Wharf:

  • Guaranteed Rent London: The scheme assures landlords of a steady rental income, even during periods of vacancy. This offers financial security and peace of mind.
  • Effortless Management: The property management company handles all aspects of the tenancy, from tenant placement to rent collection and maintenance. This eliminates the stress and hassle of self-management.
  • Trustworthy Tenants: Thorough background checks conducted by the property management company ensure that tenants are reliable and trustworthy. This minimises the risk of rental arrears or property damage.
  • Prompt Maintenance and Repairs: A team of qualified contractors employed by the property management company swiftly addresses any maintenance or repair issues. This ensures the property remains well-maintained, with minimal disruptions for tenants.
  • Financial Planning: The Guaranteed Rent For Landlords provided by the scheme enables landlords to plan their finances effectively, especially if they rely on rental income to cover mortgage payments or other financial commitments.

What is Rent Guarantee Insurance?

Rent Guarantee Insurance functions as an insurance product available for purchase through specialised landlord insurance brokers.

It operates akin to a ‘life insurance policy’ or ‘buildings and contents’ insurance. Given its insurance-backed nature, it typically entails rigorous terms and conditions that may vary among insurers but generally encompass:

1. Tenant Referencing: Ensuring Suitability

Before finalising a tenancy agreement, thorough tenant referencing is essential. This process ensures the suitability of prospective tenants, providing landlords with confidence in their decision-making.

2. Acceptance Criteria Variation: Insights into Tenant Approval

Acceptance criteria for tenants vary among insurers. While some may accept tenants receiving housing benefits, others may require a working guarantor to approve such cases. Understanding these nuances is crucial for landlords seeking appropriate coverage.

3. Importance of Timely Insurance Procurement

Securing rent guarantee insurance before signing the tenancy agreement is paramount. This proactive approach ensures full coverage and avoids potential limitations on claims, safeguarding landlords against financial risks.

4. Managing Excess Costs: Financial Considerations

Securing rent guarantee insurance before signing the tenancy agreement is paramount. This proactive approach ensures full coverage and avoids potential limitations on claims, safeguarding landlords against financial risks.

5. Legal Compliance and Notice Requirements

Serving all necessary notices, such as the How to Rent guide, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), and a gas certificate, at the beginning of the tenancy is crucial. Compliance with legal requirements enhances landlord-tenant relationships and mitigates potential disputes.

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6. Coverage Duration and Limitations

Rent guarantee insurance typically covers landlords until possession of the property is regained or until the tenant surrenders the keys. However, there’s usually a cap on the recoverable rent, typically ranging from £25,000 to £50,000. Understanding these coverage limitations is essential for informed decision-making.

7. Claim Processing and Payment Timeline

Landlords should anticipate a processing timeline of approximately 8 weeks to receive the first month’s rent under a claim. During this period, continued mortgage payments may be necessary, highlighting the importance of financial planning and liquidity.

8. Inclusive Legal Protection

Rent guarantee insurance often includes solicitor fees required for property repossession. This comprehensive coverage ensures legal protection for landlords, further enhancing the security provided by the insurance product.

The Difference

The distinction between the Best Guaranteed Rent Scheme and rent guarantee insurance lies in their operational structures and the relationships involved.

Rent guarantee insurance functions as a component of landlord insurance, offering protection in cases where tenants default on rent payments. This coverage typically extends to legal expenses associated with eviction proceedings. Landlords typically purchase these policies at the outset of a tenancy, providing assurance for assured short hold tenancies. Importantly, there remains a direct connection between landlord and tenant, even if a property manager is involved.

Conversely, in a Guaranteed Rent In Canary Wharf that we offer at Wentworth Properties, the landlord does not have to have direct interaction with the occupant. Instead, our agent takes responsibility for rental payments, irrespective of property vacancy or tenant arrears. We also handle the task of recovering arrears and reclaiming possession from subtenants. Meanwhile, there will be no void periods or rent arrears, that will secure the landlords financially!

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The Risks of Not Having Guaranteed Rental Scheme

Consider the significant expenses incurred when landlords do not have Guaranteed Rent protection.

Our recent research revealed concerning statistics regarding tenant evictions. Between January and March 2017, a staggering 35,188 possession claims were registered by landlords in England and Wales. Alarmingly, 25% of these claims resulted in repossession carried out by a county court bailiff. This translates to approximately a hundred rented properties being visited by bailiffs daily, forcing occupants to vacate.

One of the most compelling arguments for securing financial protection against rent defaults is the lengthy process of regaining possession. According to the Ministry of Justice, landlords typically wait an average of 41 weeks from filing a claim to reclaiming possession of the property. In severe cases across the UK, the combined costs of lost rent and legal fees can exceed £10,000. For landlords in London, this figure can soar to £16,000.


Overall, Wentworth Properties Guaranteed Rent In Canary Wharf offers peace of mind, convenience, and financial stability for landlords, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a hassle-free rental income solution in London. If you would like to speak with us about your property needs, contact us If you’re ready to get started with Wentworth Properties. 

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You receive a consistent rental income regardless of occupancy or payment issues, ensuring financial stability. Partnering with us relieves you of tenant management and property maintenance responsibilities, offering a hassle-free rental experience.

Property managers use their knowledge of local market trends and rental rates to set competitive prices, employ strategic marketing to attract quality tenants and conduct thorough screening processes to reduce the risk of payment issues and property damage.

Our proactive maintenance approach includes regular inspections and swift issue resolution by skilled professionals, ensuring compliance with legal obligations and peace of mind for you.

We guide you through dispute resolution with open communication, aiming for amicable solutions while providing expert support to protect your rights and efficiently resolve any conflicts.

Document the damage and notify us immediately. We assess the extent, liaise with the tenant for repairs or compensation, and coordinate with contractors. Legal options may be explored to hold the tenant accountable.

Document the damage and notify us immediately. We assess the extent, liaise with the tenant for repairs or compensation, and coordinate with contractors. Legal options may be explored to hold the tenant accountable.


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