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5 Benefits of Hiring Experienced Support for HMO Property Management

As a landlord, managing an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) property comes with its own set of challenges and complexities. From ensuring compliance with regulations to maintaining tenant satisfaction, the responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming. 

Are you one of those landlords who is struggling to manage these responsibilities? 

In that case, by enlisting the expertise of experienced support for HMO property management, you can enjoy numerous benefits. These benefits can help you streamline operations, enhance profitability, and provide peace of mind. In this blog, we’ll explore five key advantages of seeking professional assistance in managing HMO properties.

Benefits of Hiring Experienced Support for HMO Property Management

Expert Knowledge of HMO Regulations and compliance

HMO properties are subject to a unique set of regulations and requirements imposed by local authorities. From licensing to safety standards, landlords must navigate a maze of legal obligations to ensure compliance. Experienced support for HMO property management brings in-depth knowledge of these regulations, helping landlords stay abreast of any changes and avoid costly penalties. 

According to guidance on HMO standards,

A license is compulsory for HMOs that accommodate a minimum of five individuals, are located within a building comprising at least three stories, and where at least one resident’s accommodation lacks self-containment. If a building contains both self-contained and non-self-contained units, the entire structure will require licensing.

By entrusting management tasks to professionals well-versed in HMO legislation, landlords can rest assured that their properties are operating within the bounds of the law.


Efficient Tenant Management and Conflict Resolution

Managing multiple tenants in an HMO property can be challenging, particularly when it comes to addressing disputes, maintenance requests, or rent collection. 

In cases where disputes arise between landlords and tenants regarding the return of the tenancy deposit, both parties have the option to utilise the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service offered by the tenancy deposit protection scheme. This service serves as a neutral platform where disagreements can be addressed outside of court.

If attempts to resolve the issue through ADR are unsuccessful, either party may resort to court proceedings as a last resort. In court, standard legal procedures will apply, ensuring that both landlords and tenants have the opportunity to present their cases and provide evidence to support their claims. Court proceedings offer a formal resolution process and can lead to a legally binding decision on the matter.

Experienced professionals in HMO property management have the expertise to handle tenant-related issues promptly and effectively. They can act as intermediaries, facilitating communication between tenants and landlords and resolving conflicts  diplomatically. By

outsourcing tenant management responsibilities to seasoned professionals, landlords can save time and avoid the stress associated with interpersonal disputes.



Optimised Rental Income and Property Performance

Maximising rental income is a primary goal for any landlord, and effective property management plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. 

  • Based on SpareRoom’s Q1 2024 statistics, the average rent for an HMO room in the UK, excluding London, now stands at £653, inclusive of bills. 
  • This marks a 9% rise compared to Q1 2023. In London, the increase has been more pronounced, reaching 16%, resulting in an average rent of £971 per room. 
  • Additionally, there are no longer any London postcodes where the average rent falls below £780.

Experienced support for HMO property management can help landlords optimise rental income by implementing strategic pricing strategies, minimising vacancies, and identifying opportunities for rental growth. 

Additionally, property management professionals can conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that the property is well-maintained and attractive to tenants, thereby enhancing its overall performance and profitability.


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Access to Established Networks and Resources

Experienced property management firms have established networks of trusted contractors, suppliers, and service providers, which can be invaluable for landlords seeking reliable assistance with property maintenance and repairs. From plumbers and electricians to cleaners and gardeners, property management professionals can leverage their connections to ensure that any issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. By tapping into these resources, landlords can save time and money while ensuring that their HMO properties are well-maintained and tenant-ready.

Peace of mind and Stress Reduction

Perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring experienced support for HMO property management is the peace of mind it provides to landlords. Delegating day-to-day management tasks to professionals allows landlords to focus on other priorities, such as growing their property portfolio or pursuing personal interests. Moreover, knowing that their properties are in capable hands can alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with property management responsibilities. 

Lambeth’s additional licensing scheme applies to small HMOs and extends to certain self-contained flats. The licensing fee is £506 per habitable room, with a 20% discount available for NRLA-accredited landlords who complete the HMO Fundamentals course and meet other criteria. Typically, the license is valid for 5 years, and renewal fees are discounted.

The council may request standard documents required by landlords for tenants, such as a gas safety certificate and an EICR. Additionally, they may ask for the following:

  • Accreditation membership
  • The certificate for automatic fire detection
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Floor plan
  • Management/Tenancy  agreement(s)
  • Asbestos survey
  • HM Land Registry title 

By entrusting their HMO properties to experienced professionals, landlords can enjoy greater freedom and confidence in their investment ventures.


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Final thoughts

Hiring experienced support for HMO property management offers numerous benefits for landlords seeking to streamline operations, enhance profitability, and mitigate risks. From expert knowledge of regulations to efficient tenant management and access to established networks, property management professionals play a vital role in optimising the performance and success of HMO properties. By leveraging their expertise and resources, landlords can enjoy greater peace of mind and confidence in their property investment ventures. 

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A property management company for HMO properties handles compliance with legal regulations, tenant management, maintenance and repairs, marketing for tenant occupancy, and financial management, including rent collection and budgeting.

Experienced property management ensures that the HMO complies with licensing requirements and safety standards, stays updated on regulatory changes, and conducts regular inspections to maintain legal compliance.

Property management companies provide benefits such as efficient rent collection, professional tenant screening, conflict resolution, and 24/7 support for tenant issues, ensuring smooth tenant relations and satisfaction.

Property management professionals enhance profitability by optimising rental income through strategic pricing, minimising vacancies, maintaining the property to attract tenants, and leveraging networks for cost-effective maintenance and repairs.

The council might require landlords to provide standard documents like gas safety certificates and EICRs, as well as additional documentation such as fire safety certificates, floor plans, and proof of property management agreements.


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